Rookie Mistake

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Rookie mutherf***!

There’s a couple things you can do as top picked rookie in the NFL to make the rest of your teammate hate you. You could shag the girlfriend of your roommate, or you could play a prank on the starting QB and spike his water bottle with sleeping pills in the first pre-season game. Or you could comment on how nice looking the Defensive ends asses are and walk around the locker room naked and covered in baby oil. But the only true sure fire way to make sure that everyone in that locker room absolutely hates you is to pussy out of being hazed or to come with a “holier than thou” pre Madonna attitude that says you’re above hazing of any kind.

So congratulations Dez Bryant! Dez Bryant by refusing to carry Roy Williams pads has probably succeeded in pissing off every single veteran in the Cowboys locker room. From Bryant’s perspective, why should he carry the pads of a guy who he’s in direct competition with? Right? Read more.

According to Bryant, he got drafted to play football for the Cowboys, not carry pads right? Yes Dez you’re right, but you also couldn’t be more wrong. To me, this is what is wrong with too many of today’s athletes, but let’s focus on where Bryant has lost his way. Somewhere along the line, maybe between the lights and the media attention and signing his $11 million contract Dez Bryant forgot that the Dallas Cowboys signed him and picked him to be part of a team, America’s team. And on America’s team when you’re a rookie and a veteran asks tells you to carry his pads, you shut your rookie mouth and do it.

If there’s one thing that’s been proven in the NFL, it’s that nothing is promised to any athlete. Sure, star players coming into the league may have great potential, but until they get out on that field and prove it, they’re just another flashy young kid coming into the league with a sense of entitlement… Like JaMarcus Russell, who’s probably sipping on some syrup somewhere. Bryant hasn’t even made a play on the field yet and he’s copping attitude. Bryant may be looking to win Roy’s job, but he’s not winning over anyone on that team with his stance. Didn’t this kid get hazed in college?

What are the odds that Roy Williams punches this rookie in the mouth before training camp ends?


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