Is Sven-Goran Eriksson the man to move into the Cottage?

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Eriksson in? Hold the phone Fulham

Now I’m no Fulham fan so I don’t really mind who they take on as manager next season but the fact that Sven-Goran Eriksson has become the latest favourite for the job is slightly perplexing.

It’s not that I don’t like the guy because of his highly publicised jiggery pokery with Ulrika Jonsson. In fact, for a man of his age to pull a younger woman of her calibre – albeit a cougar by most standards – meant that he went up in my, and I’m sure most men’s, estimation.

His off-field shenanigans also make him a perfect fit for Bodog, the club’s sponsor and strong proponent of the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ approach to life.

But on the field, Eriksson is known for defensive, cautious football rather than the more adventurous, gung-ho approach enjoyed by Martin Jol, who is apparently still tied to his swivel chair and blindfolded in the manager’s office at the Ajax ArenA.

I suppose the problem facing the Mighty Whites is that they need to appoint a successor to Roy Hodgson sooner rather than later and Sven is eager to return to the Premier League.

His is a steadying hand – just ask Ulrika – but is that what Fulham really want after the heady excesses of last season? Perhaps it is, after all Sven knows all about heady excesses… Read more.


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