T.O. and his ego still without a team

We’re roughly two weeks away from NFL training camp and still, at this point, Terrell Owens, once one of the best receivers in the NFL, has yet to sign on with an NFL team.

I won’t say that I’m shocked, but I am a little surprised. Of course, every single NFL team is aware of Owen’s track record for destroying team chemistry. Who can forget his lengthy and drawn out feud with QB Donovan McNabb? The images of T.O stalking McNabb up and down the sideline are something no QB wants to see, nevermind having to deal with T.O’s ego, which typically needs a contract of its own.

Is it possible that Owens could be left off an NFL roster this season? He is aging, he does drop a lot of balls, and let’s face it, he’s been a pain in the ass on every team he’s been on, except for Buffalo, but they don’t really count as a team. But what would the NFL look like without T.O? Let’s not forget, the over top celebration were truly started by this man, with pomp pomp shaking, the popcorn eating, celebrating inside the Dallas Star, and of course, who can forget the infamous sharpee incident? Won’t we miss those things, won’t we miss T.O? There are those who have already made a very strong case for the unwanted wide receiver. Read more.

Let’s face it, Owens is turning 37 years old, he drops more balls than puberty, he rubs everyone the wrong way, but there’s still some shitty teams that could use him. Tampa Bay comes to mind as a team that could use a serviceable receiver, the Detroit Lions could always use a legitimate threat like T.O to free up CJ and there’s a few other teams that could work T.O into the lineup and probably benefit from it. It’s tough to believe that a player’s attitude could rub so many teams and GM’s the wrong way, especially in this day in age where players are out there killing dogs, raping girls, snorting coke and having sex on boats. The biggest off the field antics I can remember with T.O was the that spicy commercial, his alleged suicide attempt and of course, the day he held a press conference in his driveway while he worked out.

If T.O doesn’t end up on a team then I’ll know the NFL is sending a message to the young guys, be careful how many teams and people you rub the wrong way, because you will get iced out when your value drops.