Sweet Lou Tribute

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The Cubs had lost 50 games by the time the allstar break hit, and now they’ll be losing one of the game’s greats. Lou Piniella has announced that he will be retiring from the game of baseball at the end of the season. Read more.

We can thank the Cubs and all of their overpaid players for the departure of sweet Lou. Sure, Piniella has been in the league forever and has managed his fair share of losing teams, but it took the constant sideshow that has become the Cubs to chase the Hall of Fame manager from the game.

It’s hard to imagine the game of baseball without one of the most classic managers of all time. Sweet Lou has been a staple in the game of baseball as the fiery manager with best blow ups. Of course, no one gets tossed more than Bobby Cox, but Sweet Lou sure did always get his money’s worth. With that in mind, as a farewell salute to Lou, I decided to find some of the greatest manger blowups ever recorded, of course the list wouldn’t be complete without showing Sweet Lou at his best.

Philip Wellman Loses His Mind
You don’t run out of the dugout like that unless all you want to do is get tossed.

Crazy Joe Mikulik
Making it rain bats is always a nice touch. This might be the best covering of home plate with dirt I have ever seen. If nothing else, crazy Joe is thorough.

Sweet Lou kicking up dust
Nobody kicks dirt on an umpire like Lou does. The form, the technique, it’s a thing of beauty. How classy of the fans in Wrigley to decorate the field.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the great Earl Weaver.

Earl Weaver throws his weight around
“You’re here for one specific reason…To fuck us!” Classic.

Sweet Lou in his Seattle glory days of hat kicking

We certainly will miss these type of blow ups from one the game’s finest.


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