Mad Max Delonte West gets home detention sentence

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I see dead people

Delonte West might be the sketchiest cat in the NBA. If someone can explain why Delonte West grabbed a bunch of firearms and went Mad Max on a motorbike, I’d like to hear it, because right now, any other explanation apart from him being bat shit fucking crazy, doesn’t cut it. Read more.

Now it’s not often that I’ll push for someone to be locked up, but in the case of Delonte West, I’m really considering it. West has been sentenced by a Maryland judge to eight months of home detention, two years of unsupervised probation and 40 hours of community service and psychological counseling. The judge should have just sent him to an asylum. It’s not like this was some small gun charge, West was armed like Rambo. He had two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and a 8 ½ inch Bowie knife all while riding renegade on a three wheeled motorcycle last September. Why any man would should be rolling like that is beyond my comprehension, particularly when he makes millions of dollars playing in the NBA, unless he’s crazy. Armed like that, was Delonte on his way to kill someone or join the war in Afghanistan? Apart from the Terminator, who’s more machine than man, no man should be rolling that strapped unless they’re out for blood.

I’ve felt Delonte West was a little of his rocker for a while now ever since I saw this video…That video is more funny than disturbing, but in light of his recent actions, I think it’s now fairly safe to assume that we all saw the “I’m fucking crazy” warning signs. Clearly the man is more than a little disturbed. I’ve heard reports that West is bi-polar, which would make sense. What about the rumors of West getting busy with Lebron Jame’s mother? I hesitate to believe that those rumors, but looking at West and Lebron’s decision to go to Miami instead of New York, perhaps there’s fire where there was smoke after all. Read more.

You’d have to be crazy to cross Lebron a man that could potentially launch your own career and make you more money. Things might get worse for Delonte, with Lebron gone and his off the court problems, he might just find himself waived from the Cavaliers lineup. Then again, given the state of affairs in Cleveland, that may not necessarily be such a bad thing.


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