Paddy Power takes the Mick with Mandela advert

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Paddy Power in controversial advert shock

When it comes to advets, if there is controversy in the air then it’s a safe bet it has emanated from the leaky pipes of Paddy Power. Their latest ruse is to promote their cashback offers by publishing a picture in the Racing Post of Nelson Mandela underscored with the words, ‘Guess who Nelson bets with’. Needless to say, the ad has provoked a certain degree of outrage from Joe public – although whether or not this is mock outrage is open to question.

In this case Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells recognises that by speaking out against Paddy Power he is probably giving the Irish bookmaker free publicity (he certainly is, as am I come to think of it) but is hopeful that people will be “less likely to bet with them” after exposing the firm’s irresponsibility.

Nope, fraid not. Firstly, no punters will see the claim that Mandela bets as any sort of denigration of his image because there is nothing wrong with betting. Secondly, punters don’t give a shit whether an advert is expolitative or not, they will just bet with whoever has the best prices. Which is why you can’t help thinking this opinion piece was written by Paddy Power in the first place. Read more.


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