Punters choice: my tips are hotter than the London sun

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London pride: more hot tips

The Scottish Open, World Cup final, British Grand Prix, hot weather, England thrashing the mighty Bangladesh, naked women and the World Cup third place play-off. What a weekend. I might add that lager was also consumed, along with wine and a very nice curry.

It’s knowing that I can watch all of the above, drink some of the above and eat a small amount of the above that makes me proud to live in England. Actually, make that London – cos parts of England are a bit skanky, like Nottingham and that place where Raoul Moat was shot. Apple tazar. Anyway, there is probably a point to this opening gambit, but I can’t think where it might be going – so on to other matters.

Not a bad week again for the ante-post bets. We had both sides of the final plus the top goalscorer and World Cup winner (although at reduced odds because of the temerity of some other footballers to score the same amount of goals as Villa). How green is my valley? Well pretty green, thank you.

Our ante-post cupboard is looking rather bare at the moment, so time to look for some value in some future events. There is never any value in predicting the winner of the Premier League especially as firms only tend to bet to two places – although this doesn’t stop Spurs fans habitually lumping on.

The top goalscorer market could be interesting, although there might be some strange transfers ahead. Darren Bent, so prolific last year will have a point to prove to the Italian Postman Pat and will also be fresh from spending a month in Barbados instead of being humiliated in South Africa.

Dirk Kuyt may well find himself shouldering more responsibility after the coming exodus at Liverpool and it’s about time Gabby Agbonlahor realised his potential. They are all large prices. In the Championship; QPR have been busy in the transfer market and are interesting at 11/1, but I think the real value lies with Middlesbrough. Gordon Strachan is a shrewd chap and the 9/1 is at least three points to big in my book.


Separated at birth

At least two firms are betting to seven places in this week’s Open Championship – so be aware who you place your bets with. If they need a strapline – Fairway to Seven just about covers it. I’m going to add Bradley Dredge to our Open bets, as he has been chugging along quite consistently recently and 200/1 is way too big.

Also, Justin Rose to win his three ball match against Woods and Villegas at 15/8 is very tempting and probably worth doubling up with Edoardo Molinari at 9/5 in his match against Rhys Davies and Justin Leonard as he will be buzzing after his win in the Scottish Open (double with Totesport).

Woke up with a red face after a day on Sunday of champagne, pink champagne and Pimms on a boat in Henley. Strange day and one to store for the autobiography. It was very hot. Spent the day recovering before heading off to Windsor to pick up some more easy money. You’ve got a red face said my mate as I met him at Waterloo. Added more sun burn to it, drank lager and slowly weaved my way home after losing a couple of hundred pounds.

A day spent working, before heading off to find a decent boozer to cheer on the Netherlands. Find one. Get drunk. Head home happy.

Oh my head! Realise I have to go out and drink all over again later today, so I curl up in bed for a couple of hours. Get my golf bets ready and interestingly have a speculative £20 on Paul Goydos at 229/1 for the John Deere, plus Wi, Johnson and Fowler. Allenby, Rock and Webster in Scotland. Head out to find a pub to cheer on Spain. Find one. Get drunk. Head home happy.

Day spent catching up with work. Goydos shoots 59 in the US. “Ooooh” I think.

Stricker looks like ruining the party in the US. Head out for a pub crawl of Waterloo with a few mates. We visit quite a few pubs and are pretty proud of ourselves. That’s culture.


59: and he doesn't look a day over 50

Day in watching the racing and then watching the third place play-off. Strangely the best game of the tournament.

A day in the park drinking Spanish wine in readiness for the World Cup final. Head home and can’t decide whether to watch it on ITV or BBC. Interesting that the BBC have NED in the top corner while ITV have HOL. On this basis alone I decide to watch it on the BBC. Enough said. It is nice to be a winner on both sides of the book – Spain pays more, so I cheer them home to victory and in the process come to despise the Dutch for trying to ruin the final. Stricker spoils the party.

Running total after Week 24 (+ £1,300) 8,015

Ante-post portfolio:

Darren Bent – Premier League top goalscorer 18/1
Gabby Agbonlahor – Premier League top goalscorer 66/1
Dirk Kuyt – Premier League top goalscorer 80/1
Middlesbrough – The Championship 9/1

Justin Rose – The Open 25/1
Lee Westwood – The Open 18/1
Tim Clark – The Open 80/1
Bradley Dredge – The Open 200/1
Rose/E Molinari – The Open 3 ball double 7.06/1

Horse Racing
Kieron Fallon – Jockey Championship 7/2


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