2010 MLB Allstar Game Preview

It’s the 81st Allstar Game, it’s Anaheim and you can expect it to be a star studded affair both on and off the field. If you were planning on betting on the 2010 MLB Allstar Game in Anaheim, there’s one statistic that you should keep in mind, the National League hasn’t won the Mid Summer Classic since 1996.

I had to double check that stat just to make sure it was legit. It’s hard believe that the American League has dominated the National League in the Allstar game for the past fourteen years, of course, that doesn’t mean the NL has lost 14 straight, there was that year when they tied, but we needn’t discuss that travesty. This year, could be the NL’s best chance to win, though people have probably been saying that every year for the past decade.

The NL will be sending the Ubaldo Jimenez to the mound. If you don’t know who this young pitcher is, you should, he’s emerged as one of the most dominant in the game this season. Jimenez leads all major league pitchers with a record of 15-1, it’s even more impressive when you consider he’s playing for the Rockies in that thin air in Colorado. Jimenez has nasty stuff and it just might be dirty enough to keep those big AL bats at bay.

David Price the Ray’s ace pitcher will get the nod from the AL, and Price might be the AL equivalent of Jimenez. Price is another young pitcher, but this southpaw’s fastball can get up to triple digits. It’s a little surprising that both pitchers starting the game are so young, but it’s indicative of the state of the league. Young pitchers are dominating this league, it wasn’t always so, it used to be a hitter’s league but the times have changed. Just look at how many no-hitters and perfect games are being thrown, it seems like almost every other night some pitcher is on the verge of a no-no. Much has changed since they instituted drug testing, we’ll just leave it that for now.

On paper, aside from Jimenez on the mound, I can’t say I’m confident in the NL’s chances. The AL lineup is straight up stacked. From Josh Hamilton, to Joe Mauer to A-Rod, the list goes on, top to bottom that lineup is stacked and Jimenez will have his work cut out for him to start the game unscathed, but at least he’ll have back up. The NL unquestionably has the better pitching staff and it’s one of the reasons that bettors are loving the NL’s odds to win this game and snap the streak. Read more.

The National league should be gunning hard for this game. Last year, not having home field advantage probably cost the Phillies the World Series. This year the NL will be hoping to end the streak of futility against the AL, so this game may have a little more competitiveness than previous years. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing a catcher getting run at the plate a la Pete Rose, but they don’t make that type of tough anymore.