Chinese collusion ring caught on PokerStars

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Chinese-collusion-ring-caughtAs if Chinese gamblers weren’t having a bad enough time of it in their own homeland, now they feeling the wrath of the Western world as well. Mind you, this time it’s with good reason as PokerStars has exposed a large scale collusion ring involving several dozen Chinese players, who profited by as much as $750,000 by cheating on the poker site.

Talk about giving your fellow countrymen a bad name. It’s hard to feel sorry for the innocent victims of China’s gambling crackdown when this sort of thing happens but we have to remember not to tar everyone with the same brush.

Most people in China just want to have a game of poker or mahjong without being given 20 years hard labour, but these reprobates will have only served to justify the country’s misguided, hard-line, anti-gambling stance. Read more.


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