WPT scores Royal Flush with Kimberly Lansing

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Royal Flush? Four Of A Kind more like

Well played to the World Poker Tour (WPT). The organisers of the soon-to-be-launched ninth season have not only brought back Kimberly Lansing to “provide show opens, breaks, commentary, and perspective, including player interviews that will serve to bring out the human interest side of playing for high stakes” -or in other words look foxier than a fox with a First in foxiness from Foxford University – but they’ve also drafted in the Royal Flush Girls.

The who, I hear you ask? The Royal Flush Girls. Suffice to say that they include Miss Kentucky 2007, FHM Singapore cover girl Sunisa Kim and Formula Drift car builder Melyssa Grace. WPT, we doff our caps to you. Read more.


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