Professor wants casinos to reenact alcohol prohibition

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Vegas-Professor-Alcohol-ProhibitionInspired by the case of Terrance Watanabe — who famously blew millions at Caesars Palace in 2007, then protested that he was wasted at the time and therefore the losses should be forgiven — a UNLV professor wants Vegas casinos to institute a policy by which alcohol can no longer be served to a patron who has lost a certain amount of money. There are a host of problems with such a suggestion, not the least of which is that everyone’s bankroll is a different size, and are you going to tell a whale like Watanabe that he can’t enjoy a cocktail now that he’s lost $10G? (The man’s cell phone bill probably runs higher than that every month.) Anyway, we’ll say it again – we’ll take recommendations like this a lot more seriously the day that a remorseful gambler returns winnings he took off the casino while drinking. Read more.


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