Gambling on the future of the United States of Europe

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I thought the recession was supposed to have fucked off back to the hole it came from by now. Indications showed that by now we’d all be back to normal, and it would all just be a rather annoying pot-hole in a nice suburban cul-de-sac. That’s not how it’s panned out though, not even close. The doom and gloom has spread so much that they’re even now suggesting that the single European currency will be off, without so much as a whimper. Cheers Greece!

Where did it all go so terribly wrong though? Is it right that we can completely blame the banks, and their greed for the crisis? And will England claim an unlikely victory were the Euro to fall flat on its face?

If we knew the answers to these questions though we wouldn’t be in this mess, and everything would be hunky dory. At least the leaders of all the world’s leading economies want to get to together in a big group and discuss…well lets look back on what really was discussed in Toronto just the weekend before last.

The leaders gathered but instead of talking money, it seemed their weekend was centered on something else entirely. It’s hard to understand why Europeans weren’t more taken aback seeing David Cameron and Angela Merkel more bothered about a poxy game of soccer than the economic recovery of both countries. The Chancellor is reportedly a soccer fanatic, whether this is to help her lose weight while she cheers we may never know, however, the economy of her country and the Eurozone is a wholly more important subject. Barack Obama also comes under this bracket, meaning they must agree with the late Bill Shankly: ‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.’

It isn’t though.

When the long-term future of the world is at stake, leaders should be more bothered about economical policies, shouldn’t they? After this summit it’s hard for one not to feel like nothing really happened. Everyone was able to mind their own business, watch the football, say what they wanted to say, and then head home with that guilty blank look on their face when they deep down know they should have been doing something.

If the world was turning on it’s imaginary axis, and everything was just fine and dandy then this would be okay, it’s not though.

Obama would only need to have a short conversation with Cameron to realise the tax dollars he’s missing out on from starting up a national lottery, allowing online gambling to be adopted, or even allowing bookmakers to operate on the streets of the country he runs, and the whole culture that goes with them would also be reason in itself.

Although, when it comes to Cameron and the English, they could well be laughing on the other side their face, when the United States of Europe finally goes under. If the Euro does fail it will have ramifications for all the countries who have adopted it and, although it will affect England, the problems it will cause in the British Isles will be far less than anywhere else. Holland or Spain may well have their World Cup win, but we’ll still have our pound (strains of ‘God Save The Queen’ in the background).

All Cameron need do now is allow the Super Casinos to open up, tax them to hell and high heaven, and be sitting pretty atop a huge pile of dollars bills y’all. That’s just wishful thinking though.


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