Why do jihadis love the World Cup?

TAGs: 2010 world cup, osama bin laden

It’s taken for granted that Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic fundamentalist cohorts hate everything about Western culture, including sport. After all, the Taliban famously banned kite flying, Pakistani gunmen attacked a Sri Lankan cricket team, etc. Turns out that assumption’s a bit off, as not only does Osama reportedly not have a problem with the beautiful game (so long as players cover up their legs), Al Qaeda types have used football as a sort of social glue to help bond with the locals, as well as a recruiting tool.

So it must seriously stick in Osama’s craw that the only two Muslim-majority nations (Nigeria and Algeria) that qualified for this year’s tourney were both sent packing early on. Hmmm… Given the Jihadis’ blind faith and blinkered loyalties, it might not be a bad idea for online gambling companies to check if any suspiciously large wagers were placed on either team from accounts based in Waziristan… Read more.


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