Johan Santana gets his swagger back

Johan Santana hasn’t been his usual dominant self this season, much of that can be attributed to him inadvertently tipping batters off to what pitch he was going to throw, add that to the fact his fastball lost some zip and an inconsistent Mets offense and the numbers weren’t great. But that’s all in the past…It’s not often that a pitcher steals the show from the mound and the plate in the same game. It’s even less often for that same pitcher to brush off a proposed pitching change, saying, “I got this” and go on to pitch a complete game, 3 hit shut out against the best offensive team in the NL. When a pitcher does something like that, he goes legend. Johan Santana went legend last night against the Cincinnati Reds and he did it in style. His homerun, was a 12 pitch at bat, before Santana stroked his first ever big league homerun. It’s one of the best single game performances of the year, and it could should spark the Mets hitters and the rest of pitching staff to pick it up. At least it better, I’ll be betting that way. Read more.