Injury Bug Another Curse For Beantown?

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The injury bug has struck the Boston Red Sox in a huge way this season causing many Red Sox fans to question whether the team is cursed…again.

It’s so typical of Red Sox fans and players to look to the heavens when things don’t go their way on the field. For years, the World Series drought in Boston was attributed to some mythical curse of the Bambino. As if Babe Ruth really gave two shits some gazillion years later, and now with the recent string of injuries, they’re cursed again?

If you buy into this stuff, here’s one for you. How about the curse of Manny Ramirez? David Ortiz surely isn’t the same since Manny left the lineup and neither are the Red Sox. The Red Sox are hardly the feared offensive team they were in the past and they’re pitching isn’t as dominant as it once was. Injuries aren’t helping that cause. The Red Sox have 11 players currently on the disabled list ranging from ace pitchers Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz to MVP fielders like Dustin Pedroia, no one seems exempt from the injury bug. I’m surprised Francona hasn’t done his hammy just by walking in and out of the dug out.

The latest injury may be the biggest blow if it lingers. Kevin Youkilis, the AL allstar nominee leading vote getter went down with a lower body injury last night and that’s when Red Sox fans threw their hands to the sky.

The truth is, at some point every team suffers from the injury bug, it’s just a part of the game. One year, the entire team can be injury free, the next you can’t keep guys out of the training room, that’s the way baseball goes. It’s probably a little tougher to stay healthy without a regular dose of top shelf steroids being injected into your butt.

Is it possible that there is a curse on the Red Sox? Probably, there’s a lot of people that hate that team, mostly the same people and for the same reasons they hate the Yankees. Maybe one of those haters is performing vudoo on Red Sox bobble head dolls…Or maybe it really is the curse of Manny Ramirez. Clearly the Red Sox didn’t learn from trading away the best hitter in baseball when they traded away Ruth because when they traded away Manny, he was in the conversation. That move isn’t looking as bad as it did last season, but the Red Sox still aren’t winning like they used to.

The thing that gives credence to cursed team is that the timing of the injuries is uncanny. Just when the Red Sox are starting to get their act together another one bites the dust. Read more.


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