Lindsay Lohan gets 90 days in slammer

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We'd pay to see this movie.

Freaky Friday star Lindsay Lohan had a Terrible Tuesday. The I Know Who Killed Me actress is now saying “I Know Who Convicted Me” after Judge Marsha Revel sentenced her to 90 days in the big house for violating the terms of her probation stemming from her DUI conviction(s). Judge Revel didn’t have much sympathy for La Lohan’s tearful insistence that she was taking her commitment to attend alcohol education classes seriously (I believe Lindsay’s excuse was that her ‘homework’ left her too hung over to get out of bed). Marsha, Marsha, Marsha… Who’s the Mean Girl now?

Honestly, we have nothing but sympathy for Lindsay. Personally, we always thought she’d make a good Bodog Girl. Being a natural redhead, her Fire Crotch would complement the Bodog Tartan nicely. Regardless, we think a short stint in stripes wouldn’t do Lindsay any harm, and she might even come out of the ordeal with a fistful of Caged Heat type story ideas for her comeback role. Stay strong, baby, and put us on your visitation list! Read more.


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