Amare Stoudemire becomes NY’s newest $100M man

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They’re not crowning him the king of New York just yet, that’s an honor you have to earn. But the New York Knicks do feel Amare has earned the right to be paid out the ass, as the Knicks officially signed Amare to a huge $100 million contract. I’m taking it that winning right now wasn’t high on Amare’s priority list given the fact he just left Steve Nash, arguably the best point guard in the league and a promising Phoenix Suns team with their balls in their hands, for Gotham City. Suns fans, you know how this goes, money talks. I just hope Amare can back it up, we know he’s got a big ego, such a big ego, but we love his big ego, don’t we? It’ll fit nicely in New York. Better yet, call him Bron Bait. Read more.


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