Bodog Social WSOP

The WSOP Bodog Social consisted of more of the usual…hot, hot chicks decked in sexy bodog swag, excellent food, open bar, good company, and hip music.  Bodog VIP poker players, Bodog Pros Evelyn Ng and Amanda Musumeci, Bodog affiliates, friends, family and team members all graced the Red Room of PURE in full force, finishing up the night at a Bodog VIP table in the center of PURE’s hoppin’ dance floor.  Some of us may have snuck off to the strip bar for some extra added kicks, but at the end of the day, after a lap dance or two, we all came back to the Bodog VIP table at PURE because lets face it…gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on beats paying for a shag any day.