How to react when William Hung beats you at poker

TAGs: Main Event, world series of poker

The World Series of Poker’s Main Event gets underway on Monday, and if the increased number of entrants trend at this year’s WSOP holds, it will mean somewhere around 7,000 players taking part. This crowd will likely include a few celebrities (of varying stature), such as Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander, Everyone Loves Raymond Romano and former baseball great Orel Hershiser, to name just a few that showed up in 2009. So how do you, a member of the great unwashed, react when you find yourself seated at a table with one of these celebs? Do you get extra bragging rights if you take a celebrity down? On the flip side, if you get banished to the rail by William fucking Hung, will your poker buddies (and everyone else you know) ever let you live it down? Read more.


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