Coach Calipari produces another top pick

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I can’t wait to bet on the next NBA rookie of the year, my guess is its going to be John Wall and John Calipari will have three-peated, having coached the last two in Rose and Evans. John Calipari is a coach who may have the most tricks up his sleeve. If you want to give your college basketball program a shot in the arm and instantly become a contender, you go out and find one man, John Calipari.

Calipari year in and year out, finds the best talent in college basketball. I didn’t say he wins championships, I said he finds the best talent, and sometimes that’s all that matters to some programs. If you look at the NBA for the past two years, you will find superstars linked to Calipari. The last two rookie of the years in the NBA, Derek Rose and Tyreke Evans, were both under the tutelage of coach Cal. Both players are unbelievable talents and both players should have long allstar caliber careers. Both players lit up the college basketball scene in their freshman seasons and both players were high draft picks, with Rose going first overall. But now there’s another Calipari point guard about to join the NBA superstar ranks, his name is John Wall, and he might be the best out of them all. He certainly will help a struggling Wizards team. Read more.

Calipari’s formual is clear, come play for him, and you’re going to get a good shot a the league. You won’t learn a lot of X’s and O’s stuff, but you will be able to explore your skills and talents on the basketball court and find yourself as a basketball player, well, as much a kid can in one year…Calipari doesn’t ask for a four year commitment, heck, judging by his Memphis team’s academic profile, he doesn’t even ask for an academic commitment. But he got both in John Wall and that might be why John Wall is considered to be such a special player by most critics. In Wall, Calipari may have yet another soon to be NBA rookie of the year, making it three consecutive years in which a point guard coached by Calipari has won the honor.

John Wall is also expected to be drafted first overall, which will make John Wall the second point guard coached by John Calipari in three years to be the first overall draft pick in the NBA draft. It’s high praise for a coach who seems to always fall short of winning a national championship. But then again, it is tough to win a title with a team of freshmen, even Chris Webber knows that. It’s no wonder Calipari is able to get the best recruits and the best point guards in the nation, at this point a John Calipari point guard is almost guaranteed to be a top lottery pick, and if John Wall wins the NBA Rookie of the year, Calipari may want to start guaranteeing that to future point guards as well.


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