China crisis: Top 10 cases of the online gambling clampdown

2010: Year of the dodo

Anyone prepared to run a gambling company in China has to be prepared to pay the ultimate price, don’t they? After all, don’t they still have the death penalty there? Here is a list of China’s home-grown gaming company dodos from

The 10 major cases are classified into 6 different categories.

1) Sports betting
Case: “M88” in Jiangsu

April 22, 2010
Jiangsu police arrested Yao, super agent of “M88” in China, and 31 other suspects. They included nine senior managers, two website developers, two managers of underground banks. Thirty-one computers, 40 cell phones and 121 bank cards were impounded and 10 million RMB (£998,000) frozen.

Case: “International Club” in Guangdong
April 25, 2010
Guangdong police cracked down on an online gambling website called the “international club” and arrested chief suspect Ma and another five senior managers. According to the initial investigation, Ma founded the “International club” – a website which has been operational since 2006 – before setting about recruiting shareholders, super agents and members around Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong. The website had a total of 12 super shareholders, 36 shareholders, super agents, 869 agents and 5,734 members all around China. 10 billion RMB (£9.98m) was involved in the case during 2009 and Ma was adjudged to have profited 10 million RMB (£998,000) from the operation.

Case: “5.16” online gambling in Dong Guan, Guangdong
March, 2010
Guangdong police found that someone used a gambling company named “147” to recruit members for 29 offshore online gambling websites. On May 16 the police took action and arrested Zhang and 26 other suspects, capturing 39 computers, two cars and freezing 14 million RMB (£1.4m).

2) Video betting
Case: “1009” online gambling in Guangdong

April, 2010
Guangdong police found two online instant video betting websites named “Clark Casino” and “Dong City Casino” which offered Baccarat, Sicbo, roulette and blackjack. The site acquired 6,000 members and, according to the investigation, the two websites were managed by the same company, whose members are mostly residing in Shen Zhen and the Philippines. On May 18, the police arrested Zhou and five main managers as well as freezing 15 million RMB (£1.5m). Fifty 50 bank cards, a car, four computers and eight cell phones were also confiscated.

Case: “Fun88” in Jiangsu
June 11, 2010
Jiangsu Police worked with the police of Guangdong and Zhuhai to crack down on the “Fun 88” online gambling organization and its three China-based companies ”Happy-Star Corp”, ”Happy-Info Corp” and “Gu City corp”. A total of 39 suspects were detained and the police also froze 1 billion RMB (£99.8m) and captured numerous computers. This operation forced “Fun 88” to quit the china market.

Case: “Aobo999” in Hunan
May 6, 2010
Hunan police cracked down on an online gambling website named” Aobo999”. They arrested Chen and another 18 suspects, froze 10 million RMB (£998,000) and captured four cars.

3) Cards betting
Case: “Golden Cards” in Hebei

April, 2010
Hebei police cracked down on an online gambling website named “Golden cards” which, employed 33 super agents, 416 “level one” agents, 307 “level two” agents and had 9,741 members throughout the country. On May 24, Shijiazhuang police took action by arresting Peng and another 20 suspects.

4) Promoting gambling information.
Case: “2.1” online gambling in Zhejiang

April 26th, 2010
Zhejiang police arrested Zhou and three other suspects and froze 1 million RMB (£998,000). According to the investigation the suspects created more than 10 websites for other offshore online gambling websites and profited 13 million RMB over the last three years from so doing (£1.3m).

5) Selling Gambling products to online gambling websites
Case: “Golden Network” in Henan

October, 2009
Henan police seized three cards gambling websites. According to the initial investigation these websites were created by a company called ”Golden Network” which produce the gambling products and sell them on to other gambling companies.

6) Selling online gambling “cheating software”
Case: “Cheating software” in Henan

April, 2010
Henan police have arrested Guo, Luo and another seven suspects for selling gambling “cheating software”. Initial research shows that the suspect Guo bought the software from Luo in Hunan and built his own websites to sell them. He is known to have sold 50 “cheating software” items and earned 130,000 RMB (£13,000) in the process.

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