Betting gets its balls back in Bodog Kickass campaign

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Jasmijn had a thing for orange helmets

Whenever I used to go on holiday with my mates, we used to kill our spare time with a few games of Butt. The name of the game was to stand in a circle playing keepy-uppies until somebody let the ball bounce on the ground. That would make them a ‘B’. The next mistake would make them a ‘BU’ and so it would go on until somebody made a fourth slip and become ‘BUTT’ – at which point they would be lined up against the wall, made to bend over and have the football fired very hard at their arse from 12 yards.

While obviously very immature, this game was undeniably amusing, if only because invariably the same one or two losers always ended up getting their ‘BUTT’ kicked more than anyone else – and having to suffer an embarrassing triple salvo of indignity, humiliation and sometimes injury.

Seeing your friends shriek like girls as their flabby arses are thwacked by a high-speed missile is undoubtedly amusing, especially if you’re the one doing the shooting, and it’s refreshing to see that this is a game that has been adopted at the highest level. Argentina coach Diego Maradona uses it to punish the team that loses in training and Bodog have developed the theme further in its latest viral campaign.

Bodog’s kickass campaign is a game in which you select one of a line-up of hot models, representing the different countries of the World Cup, and shoot a football at their backsides using your keyboard. The idea couldn’t be simpler – or more ingenious – as I would be prepared to wager quite a lot of money that seeing fit women in bikinis bending over and begging to have their arses slapped appeals to the online sports betting demographic majority.

The devil here is on the detail. The women start pouting, posing and giving you the come-on as soon as you hover over them with a mouse, they then undress to a bikini when you select them, approach you and mouth, “I bet you can’t kick my ass.” The final flourish comes when you hit the target – which is obviously very easy to do – a slow-mo of those pert little butt cheeks rippling upon contact with your balls, so to speak. The girl then laughs, blows kisses or makes a phone gesture as if to say call me.

Which I did. At least I registered with Bodog. Now call me a mug punter but I haven’t bothered joining a different online bookmaker for about three years. The inability to remember more than three passwords and basic laziness means I generally resist the countless free bet offers that carpet bomb my in-tray every week as I can’t be bothered with the registratoin process so stick to the same old bookies.

But the campaign secured my business for pure originality. As the strap-line suggests, betting just got its balls back. I don’t know much about the odds at Bodog but I daresay I will be checking them out – just as soon as I’ve finished playing Butt with Penelope from Brazil. Play here.


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