Sore Bwinner: Bwin boss hopes UK bookies rot in jail

TAGs: Bwin, french gaming licenses

Hell hath no fury like an Austrian bookmaker scorned. Bwin boss Norbert Teufelberger should be merrily skipping through the Alps like one of those annoying Von Trapp brats, what with his company having been recently granted one of those coveted French gaming licenses, but apparently all is not right in lederhosen-land. Seems Herr Teufelberger — who once spent a couple days in jail at the request of his new French licensing buddies — once offered an ownership stake in Bwin to several big-name UK bookmakers, who turned him down cold. Norbert doesn’t seem to have ever gotten over this snub, prompting him to make predictions/hopes/wishes that these same UK bookies get condemned to a French penal colony tout de suite. Geez… If Norbert’s this stroppy now, just wait until Bwin shareholders watch their holdings depreciate after the PartyGaming merger goes through. Read more.


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