CONFERENCES Poster Party August 27th: You’re invited!

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Calling all posters who love me, hate me, ask me out, proclaim that I need plastic surgery, refer to me as “BlowJob Becky”, “Bodog Betty”, or any of the other creative names that are out there – consider yourself invited! will be organizing a social for all online gaming industry forum posters on Friday night, August 27th at a hot night club in Vegas, hosted by yours truly. In addition to serving as a fact checker for Bodog Brand ala BodogBecky, I am the Head Reporter for, a leading news, information, entertainment and lifestyle “tablog” for the gaming industry, so lets combine both worlds and get drunk on’s dollar!

The concept is simple- get yourself to Vegas on August 27th and we’ll bring together all the forum posters by hosting an evening of socializing, drinking, and picture taking in the VIP section of a nice Vegas club. SBR Forum and The RX are already having their bashes the same weekend in Vegas, so come join the forum poster madness all weekend long and feel free to call me names to my face, I can take it! 😉

One more thing I would like to emphasize, we are not doing this alone: we’ve got six official forum sponsors who are doing an amazing job with helping us spread the word far and wide:

Covers: Sportsbook Forum
Flop Turn River: Poker Forum
Gambling IQ: Sportsbook Forum
Oggs Forum: Casino Forum
Pocket Fives: Poker Forum
SBR Forum: Sportsbook forum

While I am anxiously awaiting the verdict on which Vegas club will be blessed with our presence, I have received confirmation that there will be Ayre Heads in attendance, we’ve already got close to 100 RSVPs, and everyone knows that the booze are free, so I think we’re in for a pretty good time on the 27th. All gaming forum posters are welcome, so if you would like to join us in Vegas on the 27th, please RSVP to [email protected] with your forum name, if you’re bringing a significant other, and to which forum you belong, and consider yourself invited!


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