MLB Betting: Orioles At Giants

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The only thing hot in an Orioles cap

How bad are the Baltimore Orioles this year? Okay, it’s not like they were that good last year, but this year, futility in Baltimore has reached new heights. As the old timers at the ballpark say, “Looks like the patients have taken over the asylum”. Oldtimers always know a thing or two, and they couldn’t be more right about what’s going on in Baltimore right now.

Tonight the Orioles are in San Francisco to play the Giants in what by all accounts should be another loss number 47 on the season. Right now the Orioles can’t beat anybody. Players are going home angry and looking to take it out their wives and coming to park the next day with black eyes, that’s how bad I imagine it’s getting. Realistically, and I’m hoping I’m wrong on this, but I know I’m not, the Orioles have a chance to set MLB single season record for the most losses in a season. The current record is held by the Detroit 2003 Detroit Tigers, who managed to lose 119 games that season. We aren’t halfway through the season yet and already they’ve lost 46 games.

While Oriole fans might be ready to put paper bags over their heads, MLB bettors have to love it when a team is so shitty that it’s almost a lock for them to lose especially when they are on the road, the Orioles have managed to win just six games all year on the road. You can almost forget about them winning at all if they’re on the road and facing another team’s ace pitcher. Luckily for the Orioles, tonight they aren’t facing Tim Lincecum, instead, lefty pitcher Jonathan Sanchez who has never face the Orioles, will be taking the mound. Read more

After getting trounced by the surging Mets, the Orioles could break their three game losing skid tonight. They’d better, otherwise that losing skid could get long and ugly. The only thing that seems to be positive for the Orioles right now is the play of Ty Wigginton, who if all of Baltimore votes a shitload of times just might make the allstar game.

Right now, some degenerate bettor is making a living off of the Orioles, following them wherever they go, betting on every game they’re involved in, using them to round his 4 and 5 team parlays and shit like that. I don’t take it there, but if the O’s keep on playing as poorly as they have been, I might have to start.


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