Wimbledon Favorites

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Let’s be honest, for the Men’s side in tennis, there’s really only one matchup that everyone wants to see for the finals at Wimbledon, that’s Nadal and Federer. It would be great to see Andy Roddick and his at times tumultuous attitude in the mix as well, but that’s not something anyone can count on given his sporadic play. On the Women’s side, I can think of a couple sexy amazons whose strokes I’d love to see. As in forehand and backhand strokes that is…Who am I kidding? I have a hard time paying attention especially when Ivanovic, my personal favorite is running around out there. I have other favorites, like Simona Halep, the busty Romanian tennis player, now she is also something special. Unlike me, oddmakers have a little different criteria when it comes to choosing favorites. Read more.


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