Bad beat jackpot transforms octogenarian loser into big winner

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve got an unbeatable hand in poker, luring your opponent into a high-stakes showdown, then laying your cards on the table and saying “read ’em and weep,” unless that moment is followed by your opponent laying down an even stronger hand, taking that giant pot and your self-esteem along with it. But if the casino in which you’re playing is running a ‘bad beat’ promotion, such as the one the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City had going when an 84-year old man played four 7’s (only to be beat by his opponent’s four aces), then you collect over $336K. Frankly, I’m surprised the old guy’s heart withstood (a) the shock of losing with four 7’s and (b) being told he was paying for all the other senior’s bar tabs on the bus ride home. Read more.