Who Wants a “He-don’t- score- Turko-loser”?

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Hedo Turkoglu after signing a huge contract to play for the Toronto Raptors last season, had one of his worst seasons as a professional. To compound his disappointing play, Hedo now wants out of Toronto, apparently he’s unhappy and lost interest in the city. Read more.

First things first, Toronto isn’t the most forgiving city for athletes that diss them. Just ask Vince Carter, and the thousands that still boo him every time he enters the Air Canada center, and that was years ago. At least Vince got them to the playoffs. It will be much worse for Hedo Turkoglu, who, judging by the numbers he put up last season, should be called Hedon’t score, Turkoloser in Toronto. Turkish Jordan hey? “Hedon’t” even “Turkalook” like the Turkish Glen Rice from what I saw last season. It’s understandable that the first year with a new team, a new coach, a new system and a new city can be tough on a player, but it shouldn’t be that tough on a team like the Raptors. It wasn’t like they were running the triangle offense and on that team with very few household names other Chris Bosh, there was plenty of shots to be had. Worse yet, Turkoglu seemed to have a bad attitude, allegedly, there was an instance this year where Hedo was more willing to kick it at a nightclub than on the court.

Turk’s numbers were atrocious this year. For a man who still has $40 million owed on contract, 11.3 points per game and 37% from three point land on a shitty team isn’t exactly going to get Raptors GM Colangelo’s phone ringing off the hook. Turk wants to go back to where he started his career in Sacramento, which may be a good fit for him, if he can return to his former self. The problem to me, isn’t in Turk’s production, its that he was offered such a huge contract by Colangelo to begin with. There’s a reason why the Orlando Magic didn’t match that offer, the reason is Hedo isn’ t worth $50 million plus, never was. Some of the blame for this botched experiment should fall squarely on Colangelo, and when Chris Bosh leaves Toronto, more blame should fall on Colangelo.

In the meantime, NBA teams can look over Hedo’s past year and ponder which idiot is going to gamble on that $40 million and take the pizza eating, self proclaimed Turkish Jordan, who turned out to be nothing but a Turko-loser for the Raptors.


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