Do NOT attend the anniversary party on May 25, 2011

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I have already started planning the first anniversary of the launch party in Prague. I worked hard on the launch party and while I was happy with the results, it was nowhere near my best game. After all, I have been organizing parties since I nearly wrecked my parents’ home when I was in grade 11. I organized parties and holiday tours while I was attending university, I had a party company (“Pirate Productions”) in Vancouver that I ran on the side as a hobby when I was starting out in business, and of course, I produced the on-line gaming industry’s most famous party in Vegas during the 2005 Bodog Conference. Many of the attendees have stated that they consider that Prague shindig to be the second best one our industry has ever seen (#1 being that Vegas party), which gives me the honor of having thrown the top two parties our industry has ever seen.

I plan my events based on a philosophy that well-run parties are actually interactive theater. I come up with a theme and then work with my event team to make a 4- or 5-hour experience seem to collapse into a 10-min. blur. If I succeed in doing this, it will be because I’ve hit the minimum level of combining location with tons of alcohol, girls, sensory stimulation, girls and attendee participation (did I mention girls?). Well… I have already come up with a theme for the first anniversary party in one year’s time. It will once again be on my birthday (May 25) and will once again be the key party of the second annual iGaming Super Show conference. The difference is that 2011 will also mark my 50th birthday. I will thus be combining a milestone birthday in my life, with what (I think) will be the largest single conference the online gaming industry has ever seen and (most definitely) the biggest and craziest fucking party our industry will ever see in our lifetime… I promise.

I am planning on opening this party up more, and to that end, I will try to let everyone at the conference attend, but the party will still be RSVP and if you are not on the list, you will not get the secret location and you will not get in, even if you do somehow find out the secret location… and this year, if you do manage to sneak in, you will never leave… I promise.

2010’s bash was described as the “be there or die trying” party. Given the planned theme (and the unsavory groups I’m required to work with to pull this off), 2011’s celebration might best be described as the “Party of Death”. Anyone with heart problems, paranoia and/or low tolerance for psychedelic intoxicants should plan on being in a different continent when this goes down. I do not want to let the cat out of the bag, but a strong belief in the occult might not be a good thing to bring to this particular party. Anyway, you have all been warned, and my conscience is now clear should anything horrific happen to any who voluntarily decide to attend… ”The Party of Death!”


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