Bad calls a part of the game a part of life

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Sometimes bad calls are just a part of life. Case point, anyone remember the last time they were in Vegas for a bachelor party? Bad calls were probably made. But they’re good calls because that’s just life happening, it’s never a perfect science.

It’s understandable that people want what they call justice. I’m talking about an apparent perfect game that was negated by a blown call, a call that has gotten way too much ink and fired up way too many people.

Now people are calling for Bud Selig to overturn the call. It shouldn’t happen, ever, it’s ridiculous to me why this call is getting so much heat considering how many blown calls have gone down in the history of baseball.

The truth is, Galarraga a 28 year old average pitcher is still getting his props for throwing the perfect game. No it won’t be recorded in baseball’s official books, but he’ll live in baseball lore, immortalized forever. Isn’t that all a 28 year old pitcher who’s never won 20 games can ask for? I’m just being real. GM Motors gave him a brand new Corvette and the people closest to him, and the people that sign his checks know what he accomplished, that’s all that matters.

For the rest of us, those of us who feel robbed of witnessing an official perfect game, those of us who can’t stand the “injustice” of the game, those of us who believe that it just isn’t fair, we need to really ask ourselves if that’s not the exact reason we love this game so much. Baseball is many things, it’s rarely ever fair. Look at Alex Rodriguez for example, has there ever been a player so good and worth so much money that has taken the same amount of ridicule? The media for years crucified A-Rod as a dud because he wasn’t getting it done in the postseason. We all let that slide but that doesn’t mean it was fair. The guy jacks 30 home runs a year and 100 RBI’s a season regularly, he is and has always been a stud, baseball doesn’t care about that.

Instant replay can’t make it fair, someone still gets screwed the way I see it. It’s never been about what was right or wrong, it’s just about how its called, baseball is the game of life and baseball is the last pure game left. I actually hope it stays that way, because it’s always fun to go over the worst calls of all time in sports. Let’s walk down the memory lane of infamy.


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