Super Hyped Rookie Makes MLB Debut

It’s just another game between two fairly crappy clubs in the National league, but you would have thought it was Game 1 of the World Series with all of the hype. The Nationals number on pick from a year ago, Steven Strasburg, a pitcher who many are calling one of the greatest ever…and he hasn’t even thrown a single pitch in the big show yet, until today. Steven Strasburg amidst a media frenzy will finally show what he can do. Good thing for him, it’s against the Pirates. Do I believe the hype enough to bet on the Nationals in this one? No. It’s the MLB, guys like this come and go all the time. I’ll admit, there’s something special about this kid, given his size, his power and his control at such a young age, but it’s still the show. I’ll still be taking the Nationals, but only because they’re playing the Pirates. Read more.