Big Red Rolen Again

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The Cincinnati Reds have turned their franchise around and revitalized the city. It’s been years since the Big Red Machine, and the days of Johnny Hustle are all but a distant memory shrouded by years of losing. Years of being the whipping post for the National league had destroyed the Reds. But lately, that’s becoming a distant memory too. The Reds have their swagger back and while they may be doing it as a team, Scott Rolen is leading the way.

It’s not down to a perfect science yet, but the Reds are finding ways to win baseball games. The bats are alive, Joey Votto, who has MVP potential all over him, now has Scott Rolen backing him up in that explosive Reds lineup. The infield defense is a veteran class with the golden glove of Rolen on the hot corner and Orlando Cabrera and Brandon Phillips reunited in the middle infield. There’s definitely a lot of chatter out there but it’s been Rolen’s bat that’s been doing all the loud talking. Rolen has turned back the hands of time and is batting a solid .288, he’s already launched 14 homers and he leads the team in RBI’s at 40. Which means he’s on pace to flirt with 100 RBI’s on the season and hit around or over 30 homeruns. Two years ago that statement would have been seen as incoherent nonsense because Rolen hasn’t hit like that in six years. But somehow, Scott Rolen has the magic stick back. My guess…him being in Cincinnati, back in the Midwest where things make sense to him… being close his hometown of Jasper IN… It has probably extended his career and his health has also been rejuvenated since he came to the Natti.

Rolen is one of the throwback baseball players, he’s one of the old school cats, the type of cat that doesn’t just play hurt, but plays injured, they don’t make studs like him that often anymore so it’s good for baseball and Reds that he’s back.

The Pitching for the Reds has also been efficient, particularly with Leake, Cueto and the baseball hippie Bronson Arroyo, who has 5 wins on the season. But their bullpen, aside from Rhodes, hasn’t been up to par, and it’s one of the reasons they still chasing the St. Louis Cardinals in Central division. The closer, Cordero has managed to save 16 games, but he’s already blown four. If they hope to catch the Cards, they better hope those bats stay hot and that bullpen starts to get on track, or things could turn around in a hurry. At 5-6 in their last ten betting on the Reds can be a nightmare, but at least you get to watch a vintage Scott Rolen play.


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