How dare Kirsten Stewart speak her mind, says violated PC America

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Kristen Stewart in hot water over rape comment

Krist Almighty: showing Middle America the middle finger

Have you noticed how nowadays you never get to hear celebrities or sportsmen ever say anything interesting? Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Al Pacino came out and said, “That Robert De Niro – what a cock! I haven’t worked with a worse prima donna in 40 years of acting – plus his breath smells”. Or if Peter Crouch, instead of saying, “It’s up to the manager to pick me, I’m just honoured to be in the England squad and hope to do my best,” actually said something like, “I might be 9ft tall and gangly but I’ve scored 21 goals in 38 games for England and, to be honest, Fabio shouldn’t just be playing me in every game at the World Cup, he should make me fucking captain.”

But instead, everything these people say or do is vetted by self-important PR twats, who demand to know exactly what journalists are going to ask their clients so that they can tell them that, no, they can’t ask them anything that doesn’t concern the wonderful film they are promoting and, yes, they do only have 30 seconds of press junket time left.

To be honest, though, it’s no wonder these celebs keep their thoughts to themselves and answer everything with a straight bat, when as soon as they do say what they’re thinking, the PC brigade comes down on them like a ton of Hello! magazines.

Take Kristen Stewart (and who wouldn’t want to do that?). The Twilght actress recently likened the invasion of her privacy by the paparazzi to “looking at someone being raped”. And now she’s being vilified for it like she’s some sort of, erm, rapist. I’m sorry, we all know that rape is sick, and the plight of rape victims is no laughing matter, and maybe she went over the top slightly with the analogy but, then, that’s just the point isn’t it? She wasn’t making a joke about it, she was saying how she felt.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no sympathy for these actors who whinge about losing their privacy, when their multi-million dollar fame is so dependent on exposure. It’s more than a fair trade if you ask me. But what rankles is this whole political correctness bollocks we are subjected to nowadays?

Apparently, it would have been okay for Stewart to have said that her privacy had been ‘violated’? But that’s just another word for exactly the same thing. Violate literally means rape. Would it have been okay if she’d said the word ‘killed’ rather than ‘raped’? What about the families of murder victims, then? PC America, pretty please, be a good girl and stop violating our freedom of speech, would you? Read more.

On a brighter note, the delectable Stewart has at least appeared as a pot-smoking, potty-mouthed, fish-net stockings wearing, scantily clad dirty dancing hottie in her latest film, “Welcome to the Rileys.” Now if that doesn’t make Middle America feel all dirty inside then nothing will. Good work, Kristen.


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