U.S. horse racing industry loving their UIGEA ‘exceptionalism’

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In the days leading up to June 1, the online gambling industry held its collective breath, unsure what to expect when the full weight of the UIGEA regs were brought to bear. But one set of online bookies had nothing to fear from the long arm of the (misguided) law — those that work in the U.S.-based horse racing industry. Or did the smug bastards chortle too soon? Seems the banks and credit card companies have some discretion when it comes to whether or not they choose to handle so-called ‘acceptable’ online horse betting. But never fear — if bettors report their pony punting is getting the bum’s rush from Visa, the race tracks plan to call on their ‘allies’ in Congress to set things right. Ain’t it the life? Read more.


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