We see hockey, women see Chippendales

TAGs: female viewers, NHL Playoffs

Women are watching hockey. The number of females tuning in for this season’s NHL playoffs is up 8 percent over last year and the most since 1997. Ratings in the women 18-49 and 25-54 demographics are the highest since 2002. There are more women watching the NHL than the NBA. (Another point in the NHL column in the battle over Game 7 intensity!)

So what gives? Some people point to positive spillover from the nailbiting Canada/US gold medal game at this year’s Olympics, while others believe it has roots in these uncertain economic times and women’s desire to be protected by strong, square-jawed, alpha-male types. But the main reason seems to be women like a man with a big stick, especially when he looks like something out of a Vogue l’Homme catalog (after he puts his fake teeth in, natch). Now the real question — how do you get these salivating puck bunnies to take their finger ‘off the button’ long enough to place a bet? Read more.


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