Wackiest Baseball Injuries

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One of the greatest celebrations in baseball happens after a team hits a walk-off homerun, sometimes these celebrations go a little too far…

Recently, Kendry Morales after hitting a walkoff homerun for the LA Angels, broke his leg while engaging in the routine team celebration at home plate. It’s one hell of a blow to the team who just lost their best hitter to injury in the wackiest baseball injury I have ever witnessed.

Baseball has a history of wacky injuries that just make you shake your head and sometimes make you laugh yourself to sleep. Here’s some of the wackiest baseball injuries recorded.

Glenallen Hill
While playing for the Bluejays, Glenallen Hill had a nightmare about spiders. Try not to laugh, but as the story goes, the nightmare was so intense that Hill rolled out of bed into a nearby glass table, Hill sustained serious injuries which placed him on the 15 day disabled list. Hill does have arachnophobia and the incident earned him the nickname, “Spiderman”.

Wade Boggs
This hall of fame third basement was a Boston Red Sox legend. However Boggs was sidelined for seven games one season from strained back, as the story goes, Boggs strained his back while slipping on a pair of cowboy boots!

Sammy Sosa
Slamming Sammy is best known for his corked bat and his legendary home run battle with Mark McGuire during the prime of the baseball steroid era. Sammy also suffered one of the strangest injuries, while sneezing profusely before a game, Sammy strained his back and was unable to play. From sneezing…seriously Sammy?

Adam Eaton
Padres pitcher Adam Eaton while trying to open a Dvd, accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach with a paring knife.

Ken Griffey Jr.
One of the greatest hitter ever, the sweet swinging, future hall of famer Ken Griffey Jr. is not exempt from wacky baseball injuries. He once missed a game after his jock strap or cup, slipped and pinched a testicle. OUCH.

Nolan Ryan
Hall of fame fireball pitcher Nolan Ryan missed a game after being bit by a coyote.

Carlos Zambrano
One of my favorite images of Carlos Zambrano is him taking off his belt to whip an opposing player during a bench clearing brawl. The following image will definitely not replace that…Zambrano was once diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after spending an average of five hours daily, on the internet.

The list of wacky baseball injuries is endless, check out the rest for a good chuckle, but be careful, karma has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass, like a spider.


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