Becky’s Bender (a few days late): Prague Party Reviews

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I know what you’re thinking- the written Becky’s Bender is supposed to be released every Friday, which yes, technically it is supposed to be. Well, here’s my excuse…I just realized what day it is.

Last night I had my first sober night of sleep since my strip bar hopping night in a stretched hummer with Calvin on May 19th in Prague, so today is the official start of my “road to recovery”. That’s right, 11 nights in a row of boozin’ with Calvin, team bodog, and conference attendees, daily reporting on a conference and parties, and consistent hitting the pillow at 6am for 5 hours or less…now YOU try keeping track of what day it is!

Even though I feel like crap right now, it was all worth it because the party scene in Prague was pretty good…if you like strip bars. Starting with the Launch Party sponsored by and iGB Magazine, each night was blessed with a conference party and a late night trip to Darling’s, the most famous strip bar in Prague. Throughout the week I published reviews, pictures and DAF Awards from each party at the party SINdex, but in case you missed them, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

May 25th: Launch Party pics, write up and DAF Award
May 26th: Intertops Dinner and Hard Rock Cafe Day 1 Conference Party pics, write up and DAF Award
May 27th: CWC Affiliates Dinner and Jetbull Day 2 Conference Party pics, write up and DAF Award

There is one more thing I would like to add however- if there was a DAF Award for the iGaming SUPER Show experience in general, I do have someone who completely fits the bill: Nick H was completely SMASHED each night, most notably after the launch party, so I’d like to send him a huge thank you for all the entertainment and the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle that he so appropriately represents. Adriaan B, you’re a close second place!


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