MLB Umpire Joe West Facing Ejection

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Bud Selig the MLB commissioner should just point to the stands to let controversial umpire Joe West know he’s been tossed from the league. West is facing disciplinary action after another run-in with Chicago White Sox fiery manager Ozzie Guillen. While Ozzie is no angel, West may have stepped out of line in his conduct on the field. For me, I’m more concerned with this guy’s conduct off the field. Apparently, West is a country music singer, and he has a publicist who advertises for him and announces which games and which cities West will be umpiring in. I’m not certain that’s the best thing to be doing for a baseball umpire, letting people know where you’re going to be in advance, you might end up with a pool cue up your ace from some fanatic or worse yet some problem gambler needing you to fix the game. Real smart West. Real smart. Read more.


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