New York Racing Association grateful for $25m state loan

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horseracingThe British Horseracing Authority (BHA) might be in a spot of manure, but at least it can be grateful to bookmakers for giving it a £77m helping hand. Well, it could be grateful but it’s not. It’s not enough, it claims. But before the BHA starts pleading poverty it should take a look across the pond at Belmont Park, Saratoga, and Aqueduct Racetracks, where they have taken their Chevy to the levy but the levy is dry. In fact the levy was never there in the first place. There they are just grateful for loans, like the $25m one the New York Racing Association just got from the state legislature. So stop your bleating, BHA. In case you didn’t notice there’s a recession on. If you can’t survive on hand-outs, then head for the knackers’ yard. Read more.


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