Ben Roethlisberger plays a round with Nathalie Gulbis

Ben Roethlisberger plays golf with Nathalie Gulbis
Big Ben strikes three
Ben Roethlisberger must be very grateful to Tiger Woods for taking so much heat off him over recent weeks, which is perhaps why, in a transparent attempt to clean up his image, Big Ben has turned to the world of golf. More specifically, old flame Nathalie Gulbis, who is actually quite fit for a female golfer. “He’s a great guy,” she insisted after a round of golf with the Pittsburgh Steeler quarter-back, who was accused of sexually assaulting a Georgia college student in March. “I’ve known him for four years. He has always been fantastic to me.” This character witness is all the more surprising considering she then went on to say, “He beat me”. Right, whatever turns you on, love. Oh, I see, she meant, beat me at golf… Read more.