Is there any where else but Prague to be this week??

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Former F1 driver, David Coulthard, joining us in Prague!

Today’s post is really an ‘I’m looking forward to the week ahead’ announcement. This week the industry gathers in Prague. My first memory of Prague was from my English teacher at Sixth Form college. At the time, he had visited a few times a year, every year for about 15 years. After each visit, he would regale tales of his creative endeavours in the city, all conducted in a drunken haze powered by 50 pence pints of beer. This to his class of sixteen year-olds was awe-inspiring. We dreamed the day of our own nights in the smoky drinking dens, and lounging like Europeans discussing high culture and politics in Avant-Garde clubs with our bohemian friends. Our naïve and impressionable minds saw a Prague in the 1960s or the Absinthe fuelled ‘20s – all free spirit and a collection of intellectual souls. If only my sixteen year-old self could see me now, she would recoil in horror as over 2000 iGaming professionals and I shatter that illusion.

But, it has to be said, I don’t remember anticipation for a show be quite like it is for this one. EVERY ONE in the industry will be there. Not literally everyone, but every facet of the industry will be covered over the two days, which is a first and very welcomed. Best of all it’s free – which I hope means we’ll see lots of new faces. I think we forget there are small businesses that do not have the budget to spend as much as they might like on events. And there are so many of these events vying for our attention. We’re all part of the equation and making the iGaming Super Show free means every type of company can benefit from the knowledge sharing and extensive network that will be at the conference. It’s a business model, I am sure will land the iGaming Business guys in good stead. Don’t be surprised if this becomes THE event to go to every year – a friendly destination, decent priced accommodation, drinking and dining out is reasonable as well – this makes it an overall very well priced trip for businesses on a budget.

And this is one of the things I like about Alex Pratt and the team at iGaming Business – they listen. It doesn’t matter how minor or pathetic or stupid your enquiry, request or complaint might be – they genuinely listen, genuinely care and they DO something about it. Even if your whim can’t be accommodated, you’ll be let down gently and you’ll probably end up taking their side! – A trait that should not be beyond any of us when dealing with our clientele. And, I am sure as a result of such excellent communication with its customers, we will all be in for a treat as the iGaming Super Show promises to revolutionise how networking events are funded in the industry.

Speaking of treats, Tuesday night is my good friend, Calvin Ayre’s birthday. He has a party lined up that is also going to celebrate the launch of this very site! It will blow us all away. I hear that Bob Rains is DJing and lots of my favourite people will be there. If you can’t make it, then don’t forget it is live streamed (I will be staying far away from that camera!) on the night. We will all be talking about this party for years to come – I guarantee it.

What I also guarantee is returning home tired at the end of the week, having talked too much and drank even more. But I don’t think the question of ‘was it worth it?’ will cross my mind. Partly because of the highlights below that I am sure will not disappoint:

–          Tuesday night: launch party

–          Wednesday: David Coulthard’s keynote presentation

–          Wednesday night: Official Sponsored Networking Party – Sponsored by iGB Affiliate

–          Thursday: (D, FL) Representative Joseph Abruzzo’s keynote presentation

–          Thursday night: Official Sponsored Networking Party Sponsored by

–          Friday: iGB Unwind sponsored by Intertops

Oh and here’s a little guide to Prague from Becky…

I’m very much looking forward to catching up with everyone this week. As my industry friend, Sarah Jones, would say: GameOn!


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