While US dallies, Canada set for regulated online gambling this autumn

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Yes we Can

Yes we Can

Lest anyone was in any doubt that those Canucks were quicker to the punch than than their cross-border cousins then they only need to take a look at how rapidly they are cashing in on online gambling. “The rest of the world seems to be a couple of steps ahead of the US,” says Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “If the US waits too long, their customer base may have already found online sites in other countries to do business with.” Read more.

And by all accounts, three or four months could be “too long.” According to another expert, Bob Rybak, the Atlantic Lottery, Loto-Qu├ębec and British Columbia Lottery will be ready launch a common regulated internet gambling platform as early as the autumn of 2010. Read more.

Yes we Can


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