Roy Winston wrong to oppose anti-shades brigade

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Bit dark for shades, Roy

Bit dark for shades, Roy

Poker pro Roy Winston has waded into sunglasses-gate by launching a diatribe against Daniel Negreanu, who has called for the banning of sunglasses at the felts. Winston’s basic argument is that some players wear prescription glasses, some of which are tinted. Seriously, what? Wear a pair that aren’t tinted then, for fuck’s sake. Or set up your own Sunglasses Only poker league.

He also argues that Phil Hellmuth waers shades. Hellmuth also walks out in the middle of poker tournaments and continually throws his toys out of the pram when things don’t go his way. Should everyone do that too?

I’m sorry, but where you can you’ve got to stamp out the potential for cheating and improving poker as a spectator sport. And anyway, wearing shades indoors is just not cool. So pretty, please, Roy, with sugar on top, lose the fuckin shades. Read more.


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