Labour leader betting out, Cameron and Clegg outed

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Know any good jokes? Erm, you?

Know any good jokes? Erm, you?

Watching today’s joint press conference between the new British Prime Minister David Cameron, of the Conservative Party, and his new Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, of the Liberal Democrats – yes, that’s the Liberal Democrats – was the most bizarre experience I’ve seen in a long time.

Imagine seeing Barack Obama and Sarah Palin cosying up for the cameras after, say, announcing a reconciliation, a new joint US administration and the imminent arrival of their love child. The UK has not had a coalition government for 65 years and the last time it witnessed Cameron and Clegg in public they were knocking seven shades of shit out of each other, verbally that is, during the Prime Ministerial debate. But then again we all know that people don’t always practice what they preach.

Indeed the two were reminded of a recent remark Cameron made when asked what his favourite joke was, to which he said: “Nick Clegg”. And yet here they were, the Lib Con or Con Libs or maybe just Con Men chummily chatting and smiling away to each other like Posh & Becks at their engagement announcement. At one point I was expecting them to lunge for some quick man love.

Quite what effect this new government has on the UK’s betting industry no-one quite knows, but in the meantime it is taking bets on who will be Gordon Brown’s successor, with David Miliband the hot favourite. No, not in that way. Actually, come to think of it… Read more.


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