NBA Sweeps Giving Bettors Basketball Jones

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I'll take a T...and A.

It’s safe to say that for the most part, the NBA playoffs have been a disappointment thus far. The Lakers swept the Jazz, the Suns swept the Spurs, the Orlando Magic swept the Bobcats and their series sweep against the Atlanta Hawks was one of the most pathetic displays of playoff basketball I have ever seen. There’s nothing left to bet on except the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. Read more.

When the Orlando Magic swept the Hawks I personally toasted to the end of the series. Even though betting on the Atlanta Hawks to lose every game by at least 10 points was pretty much a lock, I was still glad to see that series end. The Hawks may have set basketball back a hundred years with their gross display of playoff intensity. They should blow that team up, fire the coach, ship Joe Johnson out of there and put a team together that cares more about playing basketball than sipping on syrup with rappers in hot Atlanta.

Rarely is a sweep exciting, but somehow the Suns made that happen for NBA fans. The Suns just became the surprise team in the NBA and the team to watch. Heroic performances from Steve Nash and surprise performances from relatively unknown players like Goran Dragic certainly boosted the entertainment value in that series.

But the sweeps in the NBA are killing bettors looking to get in on the NBA action. The Lakers after easily sweeping the undersized, undermanned Utah Jazz, will face the Phoenix Suns in what should be a very interesting matchup. There’s just one problem for bettors. These two teams don’t play for another six days! Six days. Creation was completed in seven and we have to wait six days for a conference final? It doesn’t make sense. Of course the Suns and Lakers will benefit from some rest, but this isn’t football, bettors and fans aren’t accustomed to waiting a week between games. Worse yet, when the series does start the schedule is terrible. The Suns and Lakers are scheduled to play just four games in 15 days.

I know David Stern is against online gambling and online sportsbetting on the NBA, but throw us a bone here. It’s basketball, these players can go at full tilt every other day, there’s just no need to spread these games out. It’s probably about money, but the NBA runs the risk of people not caring anymore, especially after the how disappointing the and un-competitive the first two rounds have been. Perhaps and even bigger fear is that the casual NBA fan will forget the NBA playoffs are even on. The NBA should take into account that the NHL playoffs are also in action and their second round has been way more exciting than the NBA playoffs. You can add the NHL first round in there as well, which was also more entertaining than the NBA’s first round.

With so few games to bet on, bettors might just be turning their backs on the NBA and jumping in on the feverish NHL action. There’s only been one game seven in this year’s NBA playoffs and nobody cared about it. As for the NHL, their biggest star, Sidney Crosby is facing the Montreal Canadiens in game 7 tomorrow, perhaps this is the year the NHL picks up the NBA’s scraps.