Obama’s supreme court litmus test: do you play poker?

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LitmusTestNominees to the U.S. Supreme Court are often asked to publicly state their position on some hot-button issue, such as abortion. President Obama originally claimed he would not impose such a litmus test on his picks for the Supreme Court bench. Well, he lied. (A million Tea Partiers’ ears just perked up across the nation.)

A known poker fan, Obama appears to be exercising his executive prerogative to surround himself with poker buddies, like current nominee Elena Kagan, who, during her stint as the first female dean of Harvard law school, organized a raffle that brought in more than a thousand dollars just for the chance to play poker against her.

So all you aspiring jurists out there, either sharpen your poker skills or you’ll have to wait until Sarah Palin’s first term to play cards in the oval office. Of course, you’ll be playing something other than poker. “Go fish, Madam President.” You betcha! Read more.


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