2010: The year for Sportsbook jobs?

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Euro London AppointmentsWhen it comes to jobs, iGaming is a pretty good place to be right now. Companies are desperate for people with experience and talent in this area. But when it comes to hot spots, sportsbook is the area for 2010. As well as the rise in online poker and gaming sites offering sports betting to gamblers, or even swapping cards for sportsbook, there’s another reason for this hot spot – the World Cup.

It’s arguably the biggest event in the football / soccer world – or even the whole sporting world – and it will ensure that the summer is very busy for all involved in sports betting. And more business means more work; which means more jobs. But what kind of jobs?

Marketing managers are in particular demand because in effect they’re responsible for sportbooks’ success – reaching the public and the sports fans who will be placing the bets. They essentially need to combine the skills of seven separate roles within iGaming. They not only need managerial ability and marketing knowledge but experience of affiliate marketing, analytics and so on. Senior sportsbook roles look over all global markets so any language ability or international experience is really valued too. Knowing what sports are ‘hot’ in each region – basketball in Greece and floorball in Scandinavia for example – is a key skill for sportsbook managers to have.

Trader and odds compiler roles are ones that don’t come along very often but that are appearing a lot more now – again thanks to the World Cup. However because experienced and skilled candidates are hard to find, the ones that do exist are being well looked after by their employers. When it comes to this year’s World Cup host South Africa, customer service positions look set to increase as the tournament approaches, with a need for people who speak the languages of the countries involved in the event.

So who will win the World Cup in 2010? That remains to be seen, but many people think they have a good idea, and they will bet money on it. So if you have the skill, the experience and the desire then look at the sportsbook arena for your next job move – it’s going to be a busy year!

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