Higgins ‘tried to back himself to lose’ 2009 world snooker final

TAGs: John Higgins, Ladbrokes, match-fixing

It never rains...

It never rains...

If you’re in the midst of a shit-storm, you can always rely on the tabloids to ramp up the winds to hurricane force. Not content with seeing him suspended after getting caught agreeing to throw a match later this year for some shady Russian mafia types, the Daily Mirror has accused at John Higgins of already having tried to back himself to lose an important match.

The incident, according to the red top, happened during last year’s world championship final, when at a critical stage in the match the world No1 made a call to Ladbrokes to see if he could back his opponent Sean Murphy. “I just want to cover myself,” Higgins is said to have told the operator, after concluding that the guaranteed £125,000 runners-up prize wasn’t quite enough to keep him in waistcoats, bow-ties and blue chalk for the next year or so. Read more.


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