Who’ll be the next NFL team to regret signing JaMarcus?

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FatJaMarcusThe Oakland Raiders have released quarter(pounder-with-cheese)back JaMarcus “Almond Fudge” Russell, officially making the fat fuck one of the biggest busts in NFL history. In three seasons, JaMarcus earned $39M and won seven games. Keep your socks on, I’ll spare you the math — that’s $5.6M per ‘W’. Nice work if you can get it.

Oakland head honcho Al Davis used to pride himself on picking up other teams’ castoffs and rehabilitating them into stars (for example, Rich Gannon, the last decent QB that Oakland had). So will any other team in the league open up their checkbook to tempt Russell away from the buffet table and back onto the gridiron? Is the NFL talent pool really that shallow? Are NFL GM’s like Guy Pearce in Memento, unable to remember anything that happened more than 15 minutes ago? Watch this space… Read more.


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