Afghan Taliban welcomes June 1 implementation of UIGEA

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TalibanFighterOkay, so it’s not like Mullah Omar has come right out and praised U.S. politicians for passing the UIGEA, but clearly there are some synergies here. A bomb has gone off at a cockfight in Afghanistan, killing at least one of the onlookers/bettors. We here at deplore the ‘sport’ of cockfighting, but the reason the Taliban are being blamed for this bomb is not because they’re such staunch animal welfare advocates. (Those birds likely caught the full force of the blast and are now on the menu at Kandahar Fried Chicken.) No, see, the Taliban hate gambling, view its participants as irredeemable reprobates and are willing to go to ridiculous lengths to see the activity curtailed. Sound like anyone you know at Focus On The Fatwa, er, Family? Read more.


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